Talent Aquisition and Recruitment

Briswell agents provide the talent aquisition and recruitment services for professionals seeking a change of employment and companies seeking to recruit personnel.

Each agent has experience either in the management of leading foreign consulting firm or leading foreign global recruitment firm. We have bilingual agents, so our services can be provided in English.

Leveraging these strengths, we provide support for core human resources, particularly directors, product managers, software engineers, and business managers for IT companies, IT departments, and management departments.

Business activities

Human Resource - Talent From The World

* Support for Japanese professional employment

* Support for non-Japanese professional employment

Our focus

* Directors, product managers, and engineers in Japan-based and non-Japan-based internet service companies

* Technical leads and expert engineers roles in system integrators and any other businesses

* Bridge software engineers (BrSE, BSE) in offshoring operators

* Executives and managers in world-wide or multi-national enterprises

* Cross cultural roles requiring multilingual skills including English, etc.

Why Briswell provides recruitment assistance and career support

A distinctive feature of Briswell is that our recruitment assistance and career support operations encompass support for foreign national and overseas professionals.

In the following points, we outline some aspects of these services.

* Track record in outsourcing in Vietnam (South East Asia): highly Japan-compatible personnel

For several decades now, Japanese companies, especially in manufacturing, have moved offshore due to the demands of cost and scale.

In service industries like software, too, companies have been maintaining their competitiveness by setting up development centers in optimum locations overseas due to considerations of cost, scale, and quality.

At Briswell, too, we have set up outsourcing operations in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where conditions are optimal for systems development, and the technological skills, communication skills, and where cultural fit with Japanese commercial practices of the engineers there is tangible.

* Enterprise “insourcing” needs

On the other hand, there is a battle between Japanese companies for highly-valued IT personnel such as engineers.

And because it takes years for engineers to accumulate experience, it is said that this highly competitive situation will continue for some years to come.

Furthermore, because Japan’s population and labor force (working-age population) is decreasing, there is now a trend for engineers and other professionals to be recruited from overseas, and this trend may continue for decades into the future.

At Briswell, we see this as “insourcing,” in contrast to outsourcing, and we are applying our expertise of outsourcing, to developing our operations to respond to the growing trend to insourcing.

* Job seekers’ desire for employment in Japan

From the perspective of those seeking employment, Tokyo offers employment at the highest levels of the IT industry, so there are highly skilled engineers and others who are interested in opportunities to find work in Japan.

Moreover, Tokyo in particular is a city that offers a world-class living environment that is attractive as a place for long-term residency to young people from developing Asian nations near Japan.

Briswell offers support for highly talented people who wish to find work in Japan.